Gold vase

High texture vases, made with Belinda's  one of a kind handmade stamps
$18 to $30

Gold Jar

Lildded jars and canisters $20 to $35

Two Swirl Bowls

Dishes and bowls
$12 to $40


Cassaroles and covered serving dishes
$25 to $45

Golden Shell

Shell salad bowls
$20 to $35

Golden Soap Pump

Soap pumps
$12 to $20

Golden Platter

Serving dishes and platters
$12 to $35

3 Dimple Guys

Members of the Dimple Family
gifts to friends only.

Extruded vases
$30 to $45

One of a kind tea pots

Kissed by Fire Pottery Studio
 currently located at 5607 Woodview Ave.
Austin, TX 78756