Kissed by Fire Pottery Studio is the ceramic studio of Belinda Willis, located in Austin, Texas. Belinda is a self taught potter who has been working in clay since 1980. When she first touched clay she instantly knew she had found a beloved friend. It didn't feel like she was "learning" to shape clay, rather it felt like she was "remembering" it. Belinda has been in love with pottery ever since.

She gives ceramic classes that are small, personal and a great deal of fun. Belinda feels it is a focus on the process and not the end result that unlocks and feeds an individual's creative spark. As a result, she encourages students to explore the limitless boundaries of clay with the understanding that it can't be done wrong. For a brief summary of the pottery process, click here.

Belinda shares her studio with students currently taking classes and other potters who rent space at the studio.

Kissed by Fire Pottery Studio
 currently located at 5607 Woodview Ave.
Austin, TX 78756